Bread Machine

About me

As an elder, I remember when Geocities was new and exciting, but I didn't bother to learn anything about HTML back then. Maybe I copy/pasted a template into my forum sigs or into in-character RP posts or whatever, but I never actually learned how to do anything with it on my own. Decades later, I've been working with XML and text styling, so I'm halfway there, and like everybody I'm mad as hell about platform capitalism ruining the internet. This will never be a popular site, but it will be mine, and that's what matters, isn't it?

I'm also studying electronics and practicing my soldering. Someday, I'll have actually done something worth showing you in that field, so look forward to it.

Oh, and I quite like coffee. My daily driver has been a v60 with tabbed Hario papers and a Skerton grinder, but recently I bought a Clever dripper and it might permanently replace pour-overs for me. I also really enjoy the occasional Moka pot brew, with an Aeropress filter paper over the grounds. I like dark roasts with milk and sugar, though, so I'm not fancy enough to hang out with the real coffee nerds. Vietnamese coffee is absolutely perfect.

Anyway, that's me.